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Creative Disc Flat Plate Shallow Plate Japanese Ceramic Tableware

Creative Disc Flat Plate Shallow Plate Japanese Ceramic Tableware

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Product information:
Style: Japanese
Shape: round
Size: 10 inches
Gross weight: 0.23kgs / 0.38kgs / 0.75kgs
Disk type: flat disk
Manual: yes
Tea tableware craft: color glaze
Popular elements: retro style
Color classification: 6-inch shallow tray--Iga-e 8 inch shallow tray--Iga-e 10-inch shallow tray--Iga-e 6-inch shallow tray--Black three blow 8 inch shallow tray--Black three blow 10 inch Shallow Plate--Black Sanbuki 6-inch Platter--Chrysanthemum Gosaku 8-inch Platter--Chrysanthemum Gosaku 10-inch Platter--Chrysanthemum Gosaku 6-inch Platter--Photo Hongye 8-inch Platter--Photo Hongye 10-inch shallow platter--Photo Hongye 6-inch platter--Bamboo 8-inch platter--Bamboo 10-inch platter--Bamboo 6-inch platter--Flower raft 8 inch platter--Flower raft 10 inch Shallow dish--Hua raft 6-inch shallow dish--Cyan-painted 8-inch shallow dish--Cyan-painted 10-inch shallow dish--Cyan-painted 6-inch shallow dish--Dye pay 8-inch shallow dish--Dye pay 10-inch shallow dish --Dye pay

Packaging Information:

Ceramic tableware x1

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