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Digital Silicone Cake Mould Creative Cake Baking Mould

Digital Silicone Cake Mould Creative Cake Baking Mould

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Product information:

Shape: Number
Material: Silicone
Style: modern and simple
Operating temperature range: -40~230 degrees Celsius

Packing list: Mould*1

Error: pure manual measurement, there may be errors

Instructions for use:
1. For the first time and after each use, wash with hot water (diluted edible detergent) or in the dishwasher. Do not use abrasive detergents or foam for cleaning. Make sure that the silicone mold is thoroughly dried before each use and before storage.
2. When baking, the silicone mold should be opened separately on the flat baking tray. Do not allow the mold to be dry-baked, and lightly spray a small amount of non-stick baking pan oil on the surface of the silicone mold before baking.
3. When the baking is complete, place the baked products on the grid to be cooled until they are completely cold.
4. Silicone molds can only be used in ovens, ovens and microwave ovens, or directly above the heating plate or below the grill.
5. Do not use all-purpose knives or other sharp instruments on the silica gel, and do not press, pull, or violently face each other.
6. Silica gel mold (because of static electricity), put it in a cool place.
7. Do not rinse with cold water immediately after leaving the oven

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