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Four-piece Cotton Bedding Summer Princess Style Sheets

Four-piece Cotton Bedding Summer Princess Style Sheets

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Product information:

Fabric density: 133x72
Printing and dyeing process: reactive printing and dyeing
Weaving process: printing, quilting
Custom processing: Yes
Pattern: Plant flowers
Style: Sheet type
Applicable bed size: 1.8m (6 feet) bed
Style: princess style
Flower type
L Elegant Lovers—Lotus Leaf Edge,,L Tranquil Flower Group—Lotus Leaf Edge,,L Yangchun March—Lotus Leaf Edge,,L Misty Leaf—Lotus Leaf Edge, J Escape from Yaoyao—Lotus Leaf Edge, L Beautiful Purple Color—Lotus Leaf Edge ,Q Mengtian-lotus leaf, L Xiaoxiange-lotus leaf, L small orange flower-lotus leaf, L Chunhuanhuahua-lotus leaf, J flower blooming-lotus leaf, L Mo The upper flowers bloom-lotus leaf, L Shuimu Yanran-lotus leaf, Q Floral Green-lotus leaf, Q Semporna powder-lotus leaf, Q spring girl-lotus leaf, Q lattice rainbow-lotus Leaf edge,,L Xiaoya chrysanthemum-lotus leaf edge,,L small yellow flower-lotus leaf edge,
Size specifications: A: 1.2m bed [three-piece bed sheet set] suitable for 150×200 quilt,

B: 1.5m bed [four-piece bed sheet]-suitable for 200×230 quilt,
C: 1.8m bed [four-piece bed sheet]-suitable for 200×230 quilt,
D: 2.0m bed [four-piece bed sheet]-suitable for 220×240 quilt,
E: Four-piece set—1.5m Bed cover—suitable for 200×230 quilt,

F: Four-piece set—1.8m Bed cover—suitable for 200×230 quilt


Packing list:

Four-piece suit*1

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