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Four-Piece Set, Golden Knife And Fork, Portuguese Western Tableware Set

Four-Piece Set, Golden Knife And Fork, Portuguese Western Tableware Set

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Product information:
Item No.: B05 color box
Material: Stainless steel
Polishing process: cloth wheel light (mirror polishing)
Set list: knife, fork, spoon, tea spoon
Style: Western
Packing specification: suit
Stainless steel material: 410 stainless steel
Specifications: main four-color box-natural color, main four-color box-titanium gold, main four-color box-black gold, main four-color box-pink gold, main four-color box-platinum, knife and fork-natural color, knife Fork-Titanium Gold, Knife And Fork-Black Gold, Knife And Fork-Pink Gold, Knife And Fork-Platinum, Spoon Chopsticks-Natural Color, Spoon Chopsticks-Titanium Gold, Spoon Chopsticks-Black Gold, Spoon Chopsticks-Pink Gold, Spoon Chopsticks-Platinum, Spoon Fork -Nature, Spoon and Fork-Titanium, Spoon and Fork-Black Gold, Spoon and Fork-Pink Gold, Spoon and Fork-Platinum, Main Four Color Boxes-Green Gold, Spoon and Fork Chopsticks-Natural Color, Spoon and Fork Chopsticks-Titanium, Spoon and Fork Chopsticks -Black gold, spoon and fork chopsticks-pink gold, spoon and fork chopsticks-platinum, spoon and fork chopsticks-green gold, knife and fork spoon-natural color, knife and fork spoon-titanium gold, knife and fork spoon-black gold, knife and fork spoon-pink gold, knife Fork Spoon-Platinum, Cutlery-Green Gold, Cutlery Chopsticks-Natural Color, Cutlery Chopsticks-Titanium Gold, Cutlery Chopsticks-Black Gold, Cutlery Chopsticks-Pink Gold, Cutlery Chopsticks-Platinum, Knife Fork Spoon Chopsticks-Green Gold, Knife And Fork-Green Gold, Spoon Chopsticks-Green Gold, Spoon And Fork-Green Gold, Main Four Color Box Red Box-Red Gold, Knife Fork Spoon Chopsticks-Red Gold, Knife Fork Spoon-Red Gold , Spoon and fork chopsticks-red gold, knife and fork-red gold, spoon and fork-red gold, spoon chopsticks-red gold, main four koi red box-red gold, main four color box-rose gold, main four color box -Black plated, the main four-color box-colorful

Size Information:
color box 25.3x8x3cm

Packing list:
Kitchenware set x1

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