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Green Four-piece Duvet Cover

Green Four-piece Duvet Cover

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Product Information:
Material: Polyester (polyester fiber)
Function: heat storage to keep warm
Color: Van Gogh's Flower, Strawberry Sweetheart, Flower Shadow, Warm, Flower Language, Lovely, Cute, Cute, and Dragon

1.2m bed [three-piece bed sheet set]-suitable for 150
1.5m bed [four-piece bed sheet]-suitable for 200,
1.8m bed [four-piece bed sheet]-suitable for 200,
2.0m bed [four-piece bed sheet] suitable for 220,
[Four-piece bed skirt suit] 1.5m bed suitable for 200,
[Four-piece bed skirt suit] 1.8m bed suitable for 200,
[Four-piece bed skirt suit] 2.0m bed suitable for 220

Packing List:

Four-piece bed skirt=bed sheet*1+quilt cover*1+pillowcase*2
Three-piece bed sheet set=bed sheet*1+quilt cover*1+pillowcase*1
Four-piece bed sheet set = bed sheet*1+quilt cover*1+pillowcase*2

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