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High quality bathroom cotton towels for home

High quality bathroom cotton towels for home

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Fabric: High quality Egyptian cotton
Size: 40*75cm
Package : 1 towel
Thick, it is a simple style satin towel, water absorption is 3 times that of ordinary cotton, and the service life is more than 2 times that of ordinary cotton.
The feel of the hand produces a high-elastic, fluffy, soft hand, and is light and very handy.
The jacquard dark stripe pattern woven by the jacquard machine can more fully contact the skin and penetrate deep into the place where the general product can not reach, thus achieving a better cleaning effect.
Dyeing uses imported reactive dyes, no pollution, and does not have to worry about harmful substances harmful to the human body.
220 g high-elastic fine terry towel, originally exported to Sweden,
Very special touch, very large water absorption, yarn-dyed jacquard double-strand yarn, extremely dry cotton touch, custom-made cotton
The roots of the yarn are refreshing, regardless of density, height of the loop, are very well-proportioned, and the loops are elastic.
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