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Household Two People Western Food Knife Fork Spoon Steak Plate

Household Two People Western Food Knife Fork Spoon Steak Plate

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Ceramic material:
Hard and dense texture, rich glaze color, high temperature firing, no fading, no water absorption, no deformation, easy to clean, harmless to the human body.
Defect description:
1. Ceramic products will inevitably have the phenomenon of lack of glaze, small black spots or bulging. It is not a quality problem, and those who mind are careful to shoot.
2. It is made by hand. There are occasional gold and uneven color glaze on the mouth and handle of the cup, so use it without losing the sound.
Maintenance tips:
1. If there is tea stains, it can be cleaned with lemon juice or vinegar; if there are scratches, you can squeeze the toothpaste onto a loofah cloth and wipe gently;
2. Do not wipe with hard materials such as steel wire balls to avoid scratching the glaze;
3. If it is sticky or the residue is hard, soak it in water before scrubbing.

Product Information:

Image: Other
Country/Region of Origin: Australia
Product category: bowl
Material: Porcelain
Pattern: Other

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