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Portable Manual Mini Coffee Machine

Portable Manual Mini Coffee Machine

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1. Portable design, easy-to-use manual coffee machine, ready to be stunning anytime, anywhere.
2. Put a spoonful of ground coffee into the container and squeeze the ground coffee with a spoon.
3. Put it into the cup, close the lid, and pour the 90-degree water on the bottom of the container.
4. Pull out the lid, press a few times, and slowly drip the coffee.
According to personal preference,

product information:
Coffee machine type: semi-automatic
Coffee machine principle: Pump type
Capacity: 5 cups or less
Whether plugged in: No
Style 1: match coffee powder
Style 2: match coffee capsule
Style 3: updated version

packing list:

1*1 X Tragbare Kaffee Maschine

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