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Retro Pastoral Water Cup Embossed Stoneware Mug

Retro Pastoral Water Cup Embossed Stoneware Mug

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Product Information:
Material: Ceramic
Product Category: Mug
Function: High temperature resistance
Pattern: Flower
Microwave: available
Shape: round
Size (height, caliber): 11cm
Cup accessories: with handle
Color: 1: 320ML white cherry blossoms,

2: 320ML plantain,
3: 20ML blue background cherry blossoms,
4: 320ML green leaves,
5: 400ML white cherry blossoms,
6: 400ML white background shutters,
7: 400ML plantain with white background,
8: 400ML white background and blue background cherry blossoms,
9: 400ML white background water ripple,
10: 400ML white background football pattern,
11: 400ML green leaves

Packing List:
Ceramic cup x1

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