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Separating tea cup

Separating tea cup

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Material; inside and outside 304
Insulation performance; 6-12 hours
Style; light luxury
Style; straight cup
Capacity: 101m1-500ml


1. Clean the cup with a neutral detergent before use.
2. Add hot water (ice water) first, use preheating or pre-cooling, and the heat preservation effect is better.
3. Tighten the stopper and cap in a clockwise direction to prevent leakage.
4. When drinking, unscrew the lid counterclockwise and press the stopper button to pour water.
5, the cork self-locking function, directly close the cover and automatically close.
6. Unscrew the stopper and store it directly into a large block of ice.

A new one-button tea separation cup, walking Kung Fu tea, with tea,

Simple operation, natural charm, gift giving

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