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Home Water Cup Constellation Mug

Home Water Cup Constellation Mug

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1. Healthy selection of new bone fine clay porcelain
Selected high-quality porcelain clay from A mine, transparent and white porcelain;
High thermal stability, no harmful substances such as lead and cadmium are precipitated;
Easy to clean, convenient and worry-free
2. Marbled glaze is fashionable and ever-changing
Adopt the very popular marble pattern glaze technology nowadays
Every finished texture is special without repetition,
Let you enjoy a different fashion experience.
3. Real gold high-temperature roasted flowers will not fade
Use imported golden water as raw material to make prints,
It is fired in a high temperature kiln at around 780C,
The finished product has full color and outstanding quality,
Does not fade in daily use.
4. The matching cover spoon is convenient and worry-free
Matching with matching marbled glazed ceramic cup lid
304 stainless steel gold-plated coffee spoon
Let your life be full of new ideas.

Product information:

The product is new bone china
The main material is mud

Style: Constellation + Marble Nordic style
Function: Environmental protection, high temperature resistance
Structure: Single layer
Microwave: Not available
Size (height, caliber): 80X120MM mouth X height
Cup accessories: with lid, handle, packaging, spoon
Capacity: 301-400ml

Material: PP

Packing list:

Water cup*1

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