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Silicone mould for rose mousse cake

Silicone mould for rose mousse cake

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Product category: Cake molds
Shape: Heart
Weight: 60 g
Size: 55 * 38 mm
Material: food grade silicone
Product Features:
1. Silicone is mainly composed of Silicone, a kind of natural ingredient existing in sand, stone and crystal.
2. Silica gel has high softness, corrosion resistance and temperature adaptability. It is suitable for cooking and baking.
3. Through the test, health, natural antibacterial, can prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi.
4. Recyclable, durable, low energy consumption.
5. It has stable mechanical properties of the structure, so it has a wide range of temperature resistance. It can withstand the temperature of minus 40 degrees at low temperature and 230 degrees at high temperature.
6. Corrosion resistance to cleaning agents and other corrosive substances and easy to clean.
7. After use, no raw materials will stick to the mold.

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