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Sterilization Cutlery Rack

Sterilization Cutlery Rack

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Features :
- Made of food grade ABS, the knife holder is safe, non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly, heat resistant, anti-aging and sturdy.
- The knife holder uses UV rays to kill materials, allowing you to enjoy a healthier diet.
- This knife holder can control the growth of material by heating at high temperatures.
- The elastic wave-shaped knife holder is suitable for all kinds of kitchen utensils.
- The distribution of the area is more reasonable, and the storage of knives, chopsticks and tableware is much more orderly
- With 4 anti-slip pads on the bottom, the knife holder can be sucked firmly on the table.

Parameter :
- Rated voltage: 220V
- Rated frequency: 50HZ
- Rated power: 85W
- Product size: 154X268MM
. Material: ABS
- Weight: 1kg  

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