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Tea Sets Heat Resistant Teapots Teapot

Tea Sets Heat Resistant Teapots Teapot

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1. The price only includes one teapot.

2. The inner filter and other plastic parts use Food-grade PC material, not the ordinary plastic, won't harm to people's health.

3.The actual capacity= outside glass pot + inner filter = 500ML

4. The 500ml teapot only suit for 1-2 person.

5. The teapot use safety Bubble column packing, if you receive the broken teapot ( transportion problem), please take a photo and kindly tell us to resend it within 48 hours.


Outer Pot use Heat-resistant material

Inner Filter, Upper Cover, Water Button and Pot Handle use Food-grade Plastic material

The stainless filtering net has 80 holes. A strong capability of filtering. Even the tea powder can be made into mellow and pure tea.

Suitable for brewing tea: Puer tea, Green tea,Oolong tea, herbal tea, black tea, fruit & flower tea, coffee, teabag, all kinds of loose tea.

It's ideal to be used at home, in the office, in a trip, in a restaurant, in a teahouse and at a meeting.


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