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Thickened glass water cup

Thickened glass water cup

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1. Before the first use, the inner liner should be cleaned.

2, first with a small amount of hot water or ice water to wash the tank, (do not use steel ball cleaning) and then pour, then refill the water or ice water, to ensure better insulation effect.

The capacity of 350 ml

Color: white, cyan and pink

Product size: 6.7*6.7*19.8cm

Material: PP. Silica gel

3. After each use, please clean and keep dry.

4. It is not suitable to store carbonated drinks in the cup for a long time to extend the service life of the thermos cup.

5. Keep away from heat source and avoid violent impact.

6. Keep out of reach of children to avoid burns.

7. Do not vibrate or shake violently when the product is filled with hot drinks.

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