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Three-dimensional Particle Iron Pot

Three-dimensional Particle Iron Pot

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1. This kettle is made of high-quality cast iron, durable and healthy.
2. Excellent thermal conductivity, it is an ideal kettle for boiling water or making tea.
3. Our kettle adopts Japanese design. It is suitable for the collection of tea friends and is also a perfect gift for relatives and friends.
4. This iron kettle is suitable in size and weight. Will not feel uncomfortable when wearing.

Product information:
Material: cast iron
Capacity: 600ML, 800ML, 1200ML
Process: Sand casting
Heating method: electric ceramic stove, induction cooker, charcoal stove
Packaging: The default carton packaging, if you need a gift box, please contact customer service.
Features: Handmade iron pot, cast iron material, with filter, classic particles, retro and beautiful.
Set: iron teapot + fork pad + 4 sets of iron cups


Due to the different lighting and display settings, the color of the item is slightly different from the picture.
Due to manual measurement, the size is allowed to vary slightly.

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