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Washed Cotton Four-piece Japanese Plaid Set

Washed Cotton Four-piece Japanese Plaid Set

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Product information:

Printing and dyeing process: reactive printing and dyeing
Weaving process: washed, brushed, quilted
Style: bed sheet and fitted sheet
Style: ins style
Flower type: grass green + vitality jade, grass green, khaki, lemon yellow + baby, sapphire blue, bean paste, dark green, light gray, azure, cheese yellow, cheese apricot, love-gray, love-red, love-yellow, love- Blue, love-green, love-pink, love-jade, houndstooth-green, houndstooth-pink, houndstooth-yellow, ice cream grid+baby, pudding apricot, pudding blue, pudding yellow, pudding jade, lotus Fog grid, mango grid, mint, orange, jade + gray, full set of lemon yellow, bean paste, white strip blue, amber blue, pudding milk tea, checkerboard yellow, cherry blossom powder, checkerboard purple
Size specification: 1.2 m three-piece set [quilt cover 150*200 bed sheet 160*230 pillowcase 1],
1.5m four-piece set [quilt cover 150*200 bed sheet 180*230 pillowcase 2 pieces],
1.8m four-piece set [quilt cover 180*220 bed sheet 235*250 pillowcase 2 pieces],
2.0m four-piece set [quilt cover 200*230 bed sheet 235*250 pillowcase 2 pieces],
1.5m four-piece set of fitted sheet [quilt cover 200*230 bed sheet 150*200 pillowcases 2 pieces],
1.8m Fitted Four-piece Set [Quilt Cover 200*230 Fitted 180*200 Pillowcase 2 Pieces]

Packing list:

3pcs set: quilt cover*1+sheet*1+pillowcase*1
4pcs set: quilt cover*1+sheet/fitted sheet*1+pillowcase*2

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